Missing data is on the Jersey City website.

Gerald Lyons was invited to speak before the Nelson Ave Association on Board of Education matters.

Rally in Liberty State Park to save 22 acress of Caven Point from being transferred for a golf course.

Green Jersey City, student green project, recycling, climate change and birds in Caven Point.

Ward C discussion on bike lanes and the problems for the community.

Ward B discussion on bike paths.

Nicole Gohde speaks on A. Harry Moore School and Councilman Yun speaks on the tax deal for the college.

New Jersey Transit speaks before Riverview Neighborhood Assocation on bus issues in the Heights.

A Town Hall meeting in Jersey City on the rules and regulations on Airbnb.

Assemblyman Raj Mukherji of the 33rd District is interviewed by Councilman Michael Yun of Ward D.

The Law Department will not give comment during council meetings.

Neighborhood groups are against out-of-scale development in the Heights.

In 2014 Council President Lavarro was against a 5 minute limit on ordinances, now he wants one.

Reverend Al Sharpton speaks in the Bethune Center in Jersey City on Black Economics.

State Senator/Mayor Brian Stack speaks before the Journal Square community.

The community spoke in Jersey City City Hall against the removal of the Katyn monument.

Director James Shea does not tell the city council he has ties to a contract he is bringing before the council.

The city council transferred 16 acres of land to the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency for Scity.

The city want to transfer 16 acres of land to the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency for the Science Center.

An interview with Councilman Michael Yun on the Jersey City Budget.

Jersey City Together met at Old Bergen Church to discuss schools, crime, homeless and the revaluation.

The mayor says crime is down but Ward F residents feel differently.

Town Hall meeting in Ward F.

The science of global warming and the dangers of oil trains in urban communities including Jersey City.

Ward A Town Hall meeting with the mayor.

Carlos Fernandes was removed from Ward A Town Hall meeting.

Ward D Town Hall meeting with the mayor.

The state of NJ held a hearing on the Revaluation in Jersey City. JC has not had one in 28 years.

Ward E Town Hall meeting with the mayor.

News conference at Liberty House to fight Governor Christie over commercialization/privatization.

A loss of property rights by government. Two stories - 47 Bentley Avenue and 6th Street Embankment

A forum was held on crime at the Hank Gallo Center at Lincoln Park.

Jersey City lost Channel 1, it now has Channel 186.

The public speaks against changing the election to November and the scare tactics used in the election.

Protest in Liberty State Park over privatization.

The city bonds $7.7 million then tabled this ordinance, the city needs to make the funds lost by calling the embankment rail lines.

School Board members go to City Hall about their resolution to approve a Muslim holiday that caused problems.

Jersey City is removing permit parking to building with 5 or more units but Zone 2 is larger than Hoboken.

Jersey City transfers vacant buildings to the Redevelopment Agency but these buildings are not empty. Ordinance

The community speaks at the forced "retirement" of Oren Dabney, Director of JCIA

Community defeats McGreevey on prison re-entry program.

McGreevey is asked to leave a community meeting over a prison re-entry program.

Newark Avenue is closed first without the approval of the Jersey City council.

The city creates a historic district against the wishes of the majority of the residents who live there.

Friends protest the privatization of Liberty State Park.

Many residents in West Bergen are fighting the historic preservation by city hall.

The Hilltop neighborhood association discusses the Robin Hood Development.

Planning Board meeting on zoning for homeowners who sell their property.

Comcast, parking, and the MUA - Jersey City council meeting.

Citizens protested in front of City Hall on the EMS contract on November 3, 2014

The public spoke against the 5 minute time limit on second reading ordinances and the public won.

PATH should create another station in the Marion area of Jersey City.

The city gives tickets to people who park on Wayne Street, the new tax stand.

The city rents space at 1 Journal Square, but the place is a mess.

The city is using the same names on city streets. The mayor said he is against this but the practice continues.

Parents file a lawsuit against the Board of Education in Jersey City.

An interview with Colin Egan on keeping the Loews in the hand of the Friends of the Loews.

Louis Manzo speaks before the Paulus Hook Association on his book, Ruthless Ambition. - 2014

Jayson Burg talks about his freedom of speech in City Hall.

Councilwoman Osborne holds a public hearing on festival at Exchange Place.

An interview with Robert Luckritz, director of EMS services at the Jersey City Medical Center.

New sidewalks installed on Newark Avenue under Mayor Fulop.

Special meeting on the Comcast contract.

Celebrating the life of Kwame.

Authors of the Jersey Sting speak at the Hoboken Public Library - 2011